Headstone Accessories

Explore our wide range of headstone accessories to add a personal touch to your loved one’s memorial. From elegant vase holders to custom engraved plaques, our selection of headstone accessories ensures you can honour their memory with care and distinction. Used at various times such as the time of installation of the new or renovated memorial, anniversaries, birthdays or other significant occasions of remembrance.

At Mckeon Memorials, there are a large range of items to choose from above and they come in natural granite, limestone and marble to match or complement the memorial/headstone / additional items available are lanterns, flower vases and bowls and planter boxes (fixes and free standing).

Bronze is also very popular in this area in use as attachments and additional fixtures on the actual headstone or base/plinth blocks of stone.

These items include a very large selection from a wide range of statues to floral emblems and religious emblems such as crosses of many sizes and styles and include inscription (that can be set raised on the surfaces where wording is desired).

One off and limited addition bronze items are also available.

headstone accessories mckeon memorials

Complementary Items of Remembrance

Books/ Bibles/ Plaques in natural granite, limestone and marble to match or complement the memorial/headstone material.

The above are very popular where an additional inscription is wished for. It can be for a birthday or anniversary or any occasion of remembrance. They can be personalized with the wording of choice if inscribed.

There are standard sizes available and they can be also made to any shape and design that a person would like for their special memory of a loved one.

All of the above products are available to buy on our online shop on our website.

We can arrange delivery throughout Ireland and worldwide.

Guiding families for generations to fondly remember their loved ones, forever; commemorating a life of love, a life well lived, and ever after written in stone.