Frequently Asked Questions

What is a headstone?

Headstones are permanent Marker In Natural Stone usually Granite Limestone or Marble to Remember and record the lives of those who have died. Generally, they are placed in church Yards and Cemeteries.

Is a headstone the same as a memorial?

Yes the names mean exactly the same thing.

How do I go about choosing a headstone?

We find it is a good idea for the people involved to have a discussion first to see if any of the parties ( usually family members ) have very specific views on what styles/types they have preferences. For example if someone has a strong preference for a particular colour /finish to stone or they would be very keen on Irish stone. At that point it is highly recommended to talk to a Headstone/memorial specialist who can advise on regulations particularly to the burial ground involved and help with suggestions around all the possibilities there are with regard to styles / shapes materials wording and headstone accessories.

What choices of stone types can I have?

There are 3 main categories to consider. They are Granites (From Irish Quarries and worldwide). Limestones from Irish and other European countries and Marble, mainly from Italy. These natural stone types are available in a broad range of colours, shapes, and finishes.

Your Headstone specialist will be very happy to go through the options available and show you examples.

What’s the difference between the stone types?

In General all the stone types We offer are suitable for headstones . It is very much a personal choice but it is important to know the various maintenance that is involved for the different types again We will be very happy to go through these in detail with You.

Can I choose a headstone I have seen in a cemetery?

Yes Cemeteries are a good place to visit to see many various types We are happy to explain various types there too . It can be helpful to take photos of the ones that You may have a preference for . We can then discuss these initial choices ( among any others with You )

How long should I (we) wait before erecting a headstone after a person (loved ones) passing?

In times past in some parts of Ireland it was traditional to have the headstone erected for the 1st Anniversary (of passing?)

Regarding timescale there are no set rules for erection of a headstone so whenever the family are ready.

Are there regulations regarding the type of headstone/memorial that can be placed (erected)?

This varies a lot in different cemeteries/churchyards around Ireland for example a lot of county/city councils and privately owned cemeteries have definite regulations with regard to heights and headstones, plinth, base sizes and other rules.

Do I/We need permission to erect a headstone/memorial?

Again the situation varies but nowadays in general there usually is an application need to be made to the council (or other owner/management) of the cemetery
We can advise on this and look after the relevant documents and drawings required.

How long does it take to receive approval to put up (erect the headstone)?

In normal circumstances, approval is received within 4-6 weeks but can be longer in certain cases. Generally, nowadays there may be planning permission required by cemetery/churchyard owners and this can take 4 to 6 weeks. This is usually the time it takes to prepare the /headstone/memorial and foundations.

Once the paperwork submitted is within the required rules (for headstones) it is a formality. But if there is an anniversary or birthday for which a family would like to have The stone erected for please check with us. Because we have full control over the stone work in house we can often meet a much shorter time line if necessary

What is the best type of natural stone ie. Granite, Limestone, or Marble to use?

This is a very personal choice. All of the stone types we offer are suitable for lasting 100’s of years and we are very happy to take the time to explain them.

Different natural stone/granite and marble have very different appearance and require varying degrees of maintenance.

Again we are on hand to explain in detail the different materials and finishes.

How much will I pay for a headstone?

Nowadays average prices for Memorials range from €2000 to €5000 and there are always options for grave markers and plaques where full headstones are not required.

How do I maintain a headstone after it is installed?

This depends greatly on factors such as headstone types and location ( for eg underneath trees and close to vegetation.

It is always better to check with the stone specialists and we are happy to advise anyone as to their existing or future memorial care.

Guiding families for generations to fondly remember their loved ones, forever; commemorating a life of love, a life well lived, and ever after written in stone.