About McKeon Memorials

Crafting memorials for 4 generations.

our story

Crafting Memorials for 4 Generations

John McKeon, a master stonecutter came to Stradbally, Co. Laois at the end of the nineteenth century to work in one of the main quarries in Ireland at the time.

There he worked on many prestige projects. A prime example is the first ever public monument that was commissioned by the fledgling Irish Government.

A beautiful work that commemorates those who gave their lives for Irish freedom in The Rising of Easter 1916. This monument has pride of place today at the main entrance to Glasnevin Cemetery (in 2006 it was relocated and fully restored by John McKeon’s grandson – James McKeon)

The Apprenticeship

In 1933 as a boy of 13, James (Jimmy) McKeon, son of John, joined his father as an apprentice and served the required 7 years to become a master stone cutter like his father. He went on in 1950 to set McKeon Stone and this part of the family business continues to flourish to this day 73 years later.

James McKeon (son of Jimmy) ran the family business from the untimely and sudden death of Jimmy in 1982.

James and his family and fellow team members continue to carry on the family tradition in natural stone memorials today.

How to choose the right headstone

We Care and Respect

The journey to finding what is suitable for you and your family in a memorial, is we know, a very personal one. Our vast expertise, knowledge and tradition is available to assist you in every way we possibly can in that journey. We have over 40 years of experience in this, and we understand that it can be challenging. It is in that knowledge and know-how you can have confidence and trust in the service and care we provide at McKeon Memorials.  

Therefore, we recommend you take your time. Give this decision the time it deserves, your loved ones deserve, and which you require. 

Avail of our insights, skill set and support, the craftsmanship we have honed and cherished for generations. Then, when you choose and decide, you have the comfort and certainty of knowing you chose well, and did well by yourself, your family and most importantly your loved ones.

At McKeon Memorials one of our special offerings is a range of Irish granite, limestone and marble.

Native indigenous Irish source stone has for thousands of years been used for many purposes including honouring and remembering those who have gone before them. In many fine carved and hewn stones as can be seen all over this island.

All the materials are sourced by our team from our own quarries (Three Castle Kilkenny Limestone) to Granabeg Wicklow Granite and other beautiful granites from Dublin, Galway and Donegal to marbles from Kerry and Galway.

Our classic natural Irish stones have stood the test of time and are especially suited both structurally and aesthetically for use in creating a beautiful memorial.

Guiding families for generations to fondly remember their loved ones, forever; commemorating a life of love, a life well lived, and ever after written in stone.