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Welcome To McKeon Memorials – Headstone Maker and Supplier

A family tradition written in stone

Today we are available and on hand to help and assist you select and decide on a suitable memorial or headstone for your loved one.

We do so in a caring, compassionate, and considerate way, acutely aware of your loss and your grief at this time. From our vast inter-generational experience of helping families to cope and consider the most appropriate memorial for your family member, we know how important and comforting that can be.

At McKeon Memorials we will help, advise and guide you and your family, carefully and sensitively through the process. 

We understand that this is a highly personal decision. And so, we give you all the time you need as part of our personal service and hands-on attention to detail for your requirements at this delicate and difficult time.

Due to our vast experience and reputation, we will make this journey as easy as possible, for you and your family. Our absolute goal is that when your memorial is erected that you and your family will be completely satisfied. 

There is great confidence in that knowledge that you afforded the time and proper consideration to find the right memorial that respectfully, appropriately, and lovingly remembers and commemorates your family member. It will stand in their honour, to recall, refer, and reverentially remember them in the days and years to come.

Here you will find an overview of what we offer to provide lasting memories through beautiful memorials and fitting headstones, that respectfully and lovingly honour and mark the lives of your loved ones. 

The journey to finding what is suitable for you and your family in
a memorial, as we know, a very personal one. Our vast expertise, knowledge and tradition are available to assist you in every way we possibly can in that journey. We have 4 generations of personal experience in this, and we understand that it can be challenging. It is in that knowledge and know-how you can have confidence and trust in the service and care we provide at McKeon Memorials.  

Therefore, we recommend you take your time. Give this decision the time it deserves, your loved ones deserve, and which you require. 

Avail of our insights, skill set and support, the craftsmanship we have honed and cherished for generations. Then, when you choose and decide, you have the comfort and certainty of knowing you chose well, and did well by yourself, your family and most importantly your loved ones. 

Forever their final resting place will be marked and remembered by a fitting memorial, to prompt a fond recollection or an appropriate prayer, and a place to visit them for time and immemorial.

Contact me, James McKeon, to discuss your specific needs, consider the various options or arrange to meet in person so we can assist you in the next stage of selecting your family headstone or designing your bespoke memorial.

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Complementary Additions to Headstones/Memorial

There are a large range of items to choose from above and they come in natural granite, limestone and marbles to match or complement the memorial / headstone / plot surround such as lanterns and flower vases and bowls and planter boxes (fixes and free standing).

James McKeon – Expertise and Empathy the Cornerstone of Caring Craftsmanship

“What has given me the most personal fulfilment is helping people in this journey of commemorating their loved ones”.

James McKeon carved out a career in stone, honed by a lifetime of dedication, honouring a family tradition handed on by his father, and his father before him.  

It is this legacy, knowledge, tradition, and respect etched and engraved from the time he was a boy that is at the core of the service and satisfaction provided to each and every family that is at the reassuring heart of McKeon Memorials. It is the foundation on which their trust and reputation is built.

James has devoted himself to working with natural stone, to those traditions and high standards his entire life. Today, that knowledge, craft and care is at your disposal so that you can have absolute confidence and trust in the personal service he provides. Every detail, every aspect and enduring quality are the hallmarks of skill and craft garnered over forty years. His speciality is the personal attention afforded to memorials and headstones for bereaved individuals and families.

 “What has given me the most personal fulfilment is helping people in this journey of commemorating their loved ones. It is a difficult time for grieving families and by its nature it is something that most people are only involved in once or twice throughout their lives. They may be vulnerable and therefore moreso than ever they depend on the knowledge, support, expertise, and empathy that we provide. Although grieving they turn to us to help provide what is in effect one of the last physically tangible things that they will do for their loved ones who have passed. It is a very important time and the outcome when achieved to their hopes and satisfaction can be hugely cathartic and rewarding.

“If I can consider a legacy in my working life it would involve to a great extent that I have tried to carry this ethos of support and empathy to as many people as possible during this time as they mourn and cope with their great loss.”

headstone maker and supplier in Ireland - James McKeon

Headstones ireland – Our Work

McKeon Memorials & Headstones Ireland

Due to our vast experience and reputation, we will make this journey as easy as possible, for you and your family. Our absolute goal is that when your memorial is erected that you and your family will be completely satisfied.

All of our work is completed in natural granite, limestone, and marble which is ethically and sustainably sourced in Ireland, Europe, & the World. We are here to guide and support you through the process of choosing the right headstone for your loved one.

Your intentions are extremely important to us and we will work closely with you regarding the personalisation of the headstone design and inscription for the memorial to reflect in the best possible way the person’s life you are remembering.

Traditional Styles

Reflect a large area of design that ranges from Neolithic to early Christian and on to Celtic Revival when the Celtic patterns and knotwork was reproduced on many fine memorials throughout Ireland.

McKeon Memorials Headstones

Classical Styles

The classical range covers shapes and styles dating back to Accient Greek and Roman times and through to 17th and 18th century interpretations.

Headstone Memorials Ireland

Contemporary Styles

This category contains a large range of designs and includes some of the Solas and Cur styles of headstone. It is by its nature a section with a large and evolving range of designs

our Stoneyard Process

Craftsmanship and Dedication For Lasting Memories

Guiding families for generations to fondly remember their loved ones, forever; commemorating a life of love, a life well lived, and ever after written in stone.